3 David Squad players won the Israeli Juniors Championship 2019 which took place in Hadar Yosef in Tel Aviv. Shavit Kimchi (Coach: Eyal Shtern) beat Kristin Younes 6:4, 4:6, 6:0 in the Girls’ 18. Tim Vaisman (Coaches: Idan Mark, Andy Zingman and Jan Pochter) beat Ilan Menashe 6:4 6:1 in the singles final and won the doubles final as well in the Boys’ 12. Evelin Bortsova (Coaches: Moti Aizikovich and Shalom Gabay) won in the Girls’ 10 with 6:3 6:2 against Maya Fishman and won the doubles tournament as well. Gur Trakhtenberg finished in the 6th place in the Boys’ 14. Great job, we are proud of you!

From left to right: Shavit Kimchi, Evelin Bortsova, Gur Trakhtenberg and Tim Vaisman

Tim Vaisman

Evelin Bortsova & Shavit Kimchi

Photos: Amit Schussel